Barbara Huelat Develops New Healing Color Palette for LG HI-MACS

LG HI-MACS introduces 15 colors selected by Barbara Huelat for their new Healthcare Collection.  The 15 colors have been found to be the most suitable for healthcare environments.  In addition, the collection tells a story.

Garden Stone Collection

“The conscious stone to beauty grew” – Emerson

Zen Gardens are both peaceful and playful.  These are healing environments specifically designed to provide peace, serenity and escape from stress of daily life.  They are environment to reflect, seek inner peace and support healing.  Unlike other typical gardens that feature flowers, Zen gardens feature stones.  These stones are considered the “Soul” of the garden and represent nature’s elements.

Exploring nature’s themes for healing environments, this collection of “Soul Stones” offers 15 solid surface stones that are inspired by Zen healing garden.

The soul stones designed specifically for healthcare environments provide five palettes. The Root Stones of Harmony, Balance, Simplicity  and Natural   the essence of the healing environment principles allowing designers to create healing spaces.

Japanese Zen gardens actually have very little plant material. There is no pond and no river. It represents the Zen Buddhist philosophy and helps in meditation. It also teaches the principles of the religion. Materials usually consist of rock, gravel, sand and maybe some moss. Ryoanji is the Zen temple most famous for its rock garden. Stones are more important to the Japanese than trees. Rocks may be handed down from generation to generation.

In Zen gardens of all kinds stone is the major element. There are three types of Japanese Zen gardens. The Tsukiyama or hill garden, the Karesansui or dry garden and the Chaniwa or tea garden which is built for the tea ceremony. All of these gardens incorporate rocks.

The idea of a Zen garden is simplicity of design. This adds dignity and grace to the Japanese garden. Everything placed in  the garden symbolizes something. Rocks represent a sense of power and desire or can symbolize a feeling of tranquillity, depending on the shape of the rock.

Soul Stones 1

There are five classes of stone shapes. The taido is a tall vertical rock, the reisho is low vertical, the shigyo is arching, the shintai is flat and the kikyaku is reclining. Each shape is carefully chosen and placed to create an idealized conception of nature along with the artistic feeling of the creator.  The new “Garden Stone Healthcare Collection” invites designers and architect to create their own healing garden to support healing.




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