Empowering the Caregiver: A Human-Centric Experience

CaptureTrending in the world of healthcare – Patient-Centered Care moves to Person-Centered Care. This was the major focus of this year’s annual conference at Planetree. Since the inception of Planetree 40 years ago, Planetree was about the patient experience, making them comfortable and providing satisfaction as it greatly improved outcomes.  This concept has not gone away but expanded the patient and has included people that include the patient’s experience including caregivers, family and the healing team.

Consistent with this new messaging, Barbara Huelat presented a seminar session on Empowering the Caregiver:  A Human-Centric Experience. The Human-Centric- model allows us to reach the center core of our humanness and journey with our care partners for successful outcomes. The session was made 9 interviews from the human-centric perspective and spouses, children, parents, and close friends of the patient who have engaged in this calling. Their heartwarming stories share the laughter, tears, successes, and failures of caregiving.  These stories told the human side of their journey.

Planetree International Conference on Person-Centered Care was held in Boston last week from October 7-10