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Even so, award-winning design services are not the only thing we offer. We have worked with a wide spectrum of industries, including those specializing in design, education, medicine, engineering, and advertising. Our lectures and seminars thoroughly explore both sides of the holistic equation. We highlight issues of technology, cost models, and other such functional attributes of design, but we also touch upon the philosophical element, honing in on the complex nature of human sensitivity. Together, we are able to bring into focus a tangible antidote to today’s chaotic environment.

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Healing Environments for Home, Work and Play

Instructor:  Barbara J. Huelat, FASID, EDAC, AAHID

8 hour seminar 8 AIA CEU Credits

 IA_MandatorySlides_AIA_BarbaraHuelatThe time has come for those of us who believe that environment impacts our bodies, minds, and spirits.  Good health and healing does not just happen in the medical center, local hospital or other healthcare settings.  Healing is a personal process that starts within the individual.  Medical facilities may initiate good medicine, surgery, medical protocols and therapy, however the personal self must be engaged to support the healing process.  The built environment plays a key roll in our health and healing.  All of our environments affect our health and well-being.  This presentation will address the environments of home, work and play.

The home should be a safe haven, your nest….a place of comfort and pleasure.  Good health and good design start from home.  The work environment is a place of productivity that supports our feelings of self worth, and contributions to our success in life’s profession.  The play environment is a place to reduce stress and recharge our batteries.

This presentation provides practical advice and a new way of thinking about our most personal environments and how these environments contribute to our health and wellbeing.

Healing Environments for home, work and play will help guide you to make sensible decisions for today’s stressful lifestyle.  We will discuss various places, their unique stressors and provide recommendations for healthy solutions and pleasurable outcomes.

This emerging social, economic, and political climate provides fertile ground for creating healing environments.  This presentation is based on Ms. Huelat’s book, “Healing Environments, Design for the Body, Mind and Spirit.

Popular Topics Include:

What Is A Healing Environment?

childs-room-300x200The term “Healing environment” is a concept loosely used to describe amenities in healthcare. This presentation is about the unique sense of place in terms of healing the whole person. Does the traditional medical space that has been designed to support the physical body, to fix, repair, and cure human frailties support healing? Does this medical place with all of the technologies, codes, and associated costs provide positive outcomes? What makes “healing environments” and why are they so illusive?

Ten Principles of Healing Environments

environmentalThis presentation has been specially designed to address the real issues and principles of healing environments. As healthcare reform puts pressure on today’s healthcare system, a new culture is evolving. This new culture recognizes that the patient is a consumer, with the right to choose between various treatments. The patient should also have access to education so that choices can be made intelligently. The new healthcare culture knows that patients require privacy, dignity, and access to family. It also acknowledges that the patient’s spiritual and emotional needs also play an important role in healing. This emerging social, economic, and political climate provides fertile ground for creating healing environments.

Five Sensing Design: Making Sense of Healing Environments

A very popular lecture on designing with all five senses — we perceive our world through our five senses. We take in the information about our environment, evaluate it and make our intuitive decision with the things we hear, see, touch, taste and smell. Our human senses give us the ability to communicate across cultures and individual cognitive skills. This presentation addresses our humanness as sensual and designs to enhance the quality of life.

Holistic Design: Environments for the Body, Mind & Spirit

9780966854510Based on Barbara Huelat’s book, Healing Environments Design for the Body, Mind and Spirit, this presentation summarizes a holistic design approach to support healing. Holistic Design is a process to design by intent. It is the unique ability to create a special place for healing, strengthening, and supporting the body, mind, and spirit. This presentation focus on the” How To” aspects of creating the healing environment addressing the process.

Current Trends in Healthcare Environments

A new beginning … 2000 A.D The new century … the next millennium … we are there … it’s on the horizon … we’re preparing for it … or are we? New beginnings offer promises of hope, of fresh ideas and change. Healthcare environments are also on this new horizon. We are moving full circle from our earliest beginnings of Western Medicine. Through the centuries, many of these concepts were lost. In this last century, science and technology embraced the curative model, eliminating many diseases and illness. Today medicine is again moving toward a healing model addressing the whole body, mind and spirit.

Designing With Nature

Skyline-Glass-Dogwood1D_011-300x186Biophilia, biodiversity, biomimicary, biochemistry and aesthetics provides the basis for this presentation. From antiquity through today, artists, philosophers, architects, and designers have designed from and with nature. Across cultures, politics, history, and styles designers have integrated the structure, form, and ornament of nature. Natural artistry has an enduring appeal on the human psyche. Nature has its own unique way of ordering things; it is the interplay of the physical with its biological dynamics, it is cognitive processing with rational and mathematical order, and it is emotional which lifts the sprit. Indulges the emotion of the soul. We are biologically designed to respond to natural surroundings. They are an essential element to healing environments.

Design to Reduce Stress

This presentation addresses one of the most important challenges of our culture today — Stress. Environmental stress is one of our greatest threats. It can contribute to both an illness and the success of a patient’s recovery. Our environments must be designed to reduce stress and promote patient empowerment, which is so critical to the healing process. The mission of this presentation is to share discoveries of the impact of stress on healing environments, as it is a sincere hope that by sharing we may all participate in the creation of healing places. Each of us can make a contribution, leaving the world a little more human, healthy, beautiful, and less stressful.

Myths of Healing Environments

This presentation is a straight forward approach to identifying the realities behind this illusive and somewhat mysterious concept. Once understood, the concept is demystified, allowing for the implementation of practical solutions.

Intuitively the phrase “healing environment” sounds good. It sounds like an ideal space if you require healing. However, what is it? Can an environment heal? Exploring these myths provides information critical to understanding the concept of a healing environment.

Design for Health, a Consumer Perspective

Healing design blends the field of design with medicine in a truly remarkable manner and involves our personal interaction with our surrounding. Our human senses—sight, sound, smell, touch and taste — allow us to know and enjoy our world. Our ability to heal, work, feel pleasure and communicate is directly related to our senses. We must strive to eliminate abuse of our senses. We must create pleasing views, be sensitive with lighting and aware of material and furnishing selections as they impact our sense of touch.

Even our sense of tastes is a factor of design. This presentation takes us through a sensitivity journey of our personal experiences, sensations, memories of place in which we work, play live and celebrate. Recommendations are provided to enhance your personal relationship to the built environment.

The Healthy Home: An ASID Distinguished Speakers Series

Your home should be your safe haven, your nest — a place of comfort and pleasure. Good health and good design start from home. This presentation provides practical advice on how to create a healthy home for you and your family. We will discuss elements of good lighting, balanced color and how to eliminate the stress from your most personal environment.

Healing Environments for Home Work & Play: An AIA Florida Speakers Series

All of our environments affect our health and well-being. This presentation will address the environments of home, work and play. Starting with the home being a safe haven, the nest … a place of comfort and pleasure. Good health and good design start from home. The work environment is a place of productivity that supports our feelings of self worth, and contributions to our success in life’s profession. The play environment is a place to reduce stress and recharge our batteries.