Our Mission


Can the design of the healthcare environment help heal a patient? Can it elevate a patient’s spirit? Improve the quality of their care? Or lower provider costs? Yes.

Healing Design by Huelat Davis takes a transformative approach to the architecture and interior design of healing environments.

As with medicine, Healing Design has always been evidence-based. It is a holistic and patient-centered approach that relies on the latest research, observations and focus groups to ensure every healthcare environment that we create actually has the power to heal the mind, body and spirit.

Since our founding in 1991, Huelat Davis has been at the vanguard of this patient-centered movement. As a certified Planetree™ firm, we are internationally recognized for — and exclusively focused on — the design of healing environments that improve patient outcomes and deliver greater value for providers.

Barbara Huelat is an indisputable leader, legend and national icon in the field of healthcare interior design. Her life‘s work has been to successfully prove that design can impact human outcomes. She is probably the world’s most sought after speaker and expert on healthcare interior design and her knowledge, presence and experience are breathtaking. Barbara is to healthcare interior design what Socrates is to philosophy and like Socrates in his time she is considered a most prolific and productive producer of thought, theory and practice in the world today. Like Socrates, she helped define a new discipline, a new way of thinking, a new science and in so doing has pushed the plane of human evolution forward. Whether it is certification for interior designers, Planetree, Evidence Based Design or the new “Experiential” based design, Barbara has always been in front of the parade; anticipating, directing and leading people to a new level of consciousness. Barbara was the second President and a founding member of the American Academy of Healthcare Interior Designers (AAHID) and she was one of the first to achieve the Evidence Based Design Certification (EDAC). She was present at the literal birth of Planetree in San Diego over 20 years ago and was performing “patient centered design” long before anyone ever coined the phrase. Over the years, she has completed over 500 projects, collected nearly 20 of a myriad of awards, and been published worldwide including two nationally acclaimed books currently in circulation Healing Designs, What’s the Proof? and Healing Environments for Mind, Body and Spirit. Like Socrates, Barbara cares deeply about the development of designers and spends much of her time mentoring, educating and nurturing. She has carefully put together an elite staff to continue her legacy.