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Early in my career I asked – “Can our physical environment influence our health, wellbeing, creativity and innovation?” Believing it to be so, I set out to seek evidence and define these features.

I found that Human-centric design became my personal philosophy.  I define “Human Centric” design as a creative approach to design problem-solving with the focus on human needs. It is the backbone of my research, writing, advocacy, leadership and design work. It’s a process that starts with people’s needs and complexities and ends with new creative solutions that solve intricate issues of the human condition.

Barbara Heulat of Healing Design focuses on human centric design as a creative approach to design problem-solving with a focus on human needs.
Design Principles for a Cancer Center Healing Environment
Video Case Study 13minutes

See principles of healthcare interior design using human-centric, biophilic, pet therapy, spa therapy and color thoughtful integrated into a new design for a woman's infusion center.

| Human-Centric design thinking is an approach to solving complex human needs.
Inquiry through Human-Centric design thinking, integrating evidence and research can make an impact on stress, creativity, innovation, health and well-being outcomes.
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