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Barbara Huelat is an indisputable leader, legend and national icon in the field of healthcare interior design. Her life‘s work has been to successfully prove that design can impact human outcomes.

She is probably the world’s most sought after speaker and expert on healthcare interior design and her knowledge, presence and experience are breathtaking. Barbara is to healthcare interior design what Socrates is to philosophy and like Socrates in his time she is considered a most prolific and productive producer of thought, theory and practice in the world today. Like Socrates, she helped define a new discipline, a new way of thinking, a new science and in so doing has pushed the plane of human evolution forward.

Barbara is a subject matter expert in Healing Environments and address diverse topice in:

  • Health Care Design Trends
  • Senior Living & Cancer Centers
  • Human Centric Design
  • Healthy Building, Well Buildings & Biophilia
  • Evidence Based Design

Barbara also delights general audiances and the Cruise venues with engaging topice of Art & Design:

  • The Mysteries of Fractals
  • Design for Your Five Senses
  • Dwelling of the gods - Church Art and Architecture
  • Experience the Joy of Art
  • Healthy Pleasures

| Recent Speaking engagements

  • Healing design provides human centric design solutions
    • Speaker – District Architecture Center, The Art and Science of Healing Design, Washington, DC, March 2019
  • Healing design provides human centric design solutions for complex health and well being environments.
    • Speaker – Environments for Agingl Conference, Going WELL for Senior Living, Savannah, GA, April 2018
  • Healing environment design and interior design speakers
    • Speaker – Environments for the Aging National Conference, Can Design Mitigate Disruptive Behavior?, Savannah, GA, April 2018
  • Healthcare speaker and innovative interior design ideas
    • Speaker – MedStar MI2 Biophilic Design, All Minds Meeting for Innovation, Washington DC, March 2018
  • Assisted living interior design and healthcare design services.
    • Speaker - Viking Baltic Cruises, Mysteries of Fractal Design, Dwelling of the Gods, Five Sensing Design, Healthy Pleasures, Russian Art & Culture, April 2019
    • Speaker - Design Art Seminars, Healing Environments for Home, Work and Play, Minneapolis, MN 2016.

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