What are Environmental Interventions

An Intervention is a strategy to meet a specific goal to address a problem or behavior. In healthcare, pharmaceuticals, surgery, and therapies are critical interventions. These interventions repair our bodies, replace our joints, fix our hearts, and mitigate diseases.

In the design world, designers use environmental interventions to enhance our lives, enhance our enjoyment of simple beauty, and enrich our relationships. Designers engage the senses to enjoy art, music, food, touch, and movement. Design interventions influence the environment with light, color, and place elements. In the hands of caring designers, these tools integrate biophilia employing nature, plants, animals, and daylighting into places and spaces to enrich our homes, workplace, and leisure spaces. The design employs technology to keep our places safe, comfortable, fun, and easy to function. Best of all, the design supports social interventions bringing spaces alive for family and friends, enriching our activities of daily life, and assisting our engagements and relationships.

Environmental design interventions are essential components of our lives that enhance our world, bringing meaning, beauty and joy into focus.

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