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Empowering the Caregiver
April 12, 2019 at 4:00 AM

Barbara is presenting Empowering the Caregiver at this years’ Environment for Aging Expo & Conference, Salt Lake City April 7-10.

Healing environments have long focused on supporting patients on their healing journey. This presentation presents findings from interviews with caregivers, the core support of the patient. This often-overlooked volunteer population is responsible for taking care of another person, family or a friend who is sick, frail or disabled. Caregivers have little or no training, they lack knowledge, skills and other resources to do their task and take on this task out of empathy and care for their loved one.

There are currently 43.5 Million volunteer caregivers which will double by 2020. Finding support and accesses to recourses is an imminent challenge. How do we empower future caregiver?

Discover the latest design trends in senior care environments, gain unique perspectives from the best in the business, and view innovative products and services for long-term and residential care settings at the Environments For Aging industry’s premier event.

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