Healing Environments East and West

Site Visit E-DA Dachang Hospital, Kaohsiung City, Taiwan.

On a recent speaking engagement addressing design for Memory Care in Taiwan, I had the opportunity to visit a large high-tech medical center and destination hospital in southern Taiwan. We visited various departments including their Assessment Center, International Surgery Center, Nursing Home, Cell Therapy Center and Integrated Care Clinics for Traditional Chinese Medicine and Modern Medicine.

Always fascinated with Chinese Medicine, I noted how truly integrated traditional Chinese medicine is practiced. These clinics occupied two floors and are divided into specialties areas such as pediatrics, oncology, trauma and OBGYN. Chinese Medicine is based on the flow of Chi, as shown on the diagram behind us, illustrating the flow of Chi throughout the day, much like the circadian rhythm. I had the opportunity to observe acupuncture being administered to a stroke patient and a rehab trauma patient. Herbs as well as prescription medications are prescribed by physicians trained in both Western and Eastern medicine. Message is prescribed pre-surgery because they have better outcomes.

Throughout my visits to hospitals in Taiwan, I see evidence of harmonious balance of healing environments not just is a pretty face but in integrative care of high-tech with high touch. Healing environments are wholistic in design, administration, practice and outcome.

chineese medicine.jpg
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