Joy - The Outcome of Color

In my Northern climate the days are getting shorter and grayer. The brilliant Fall colors have faded and lay on the ground dormant and trampled. Summer and Spring profusion of color are a but a distant memory. Winter’s longest night is creeping upon us.

Don’t despair! Our human creativity has chosen these darkest days to light up our environment with color and lights. Regardless of what holiday you celebrate it is filled with color and light, designed to bring us joy. Even if we are normally shy about bringing bright color into our home, during the holidays we don’t hesitate to bring in trees, greens, hang boughs of holly and ivy. Then we cover them with color and lights. We love color and there are reasons. Color is important - it effects the way we feel, color may sway our thinking change behaviors and cause reactions. Color is inspirational, fun, emotional, can lead to dancing and singing. Color affects our moods and emotions. They can be calming as they can be agitating.

Color is beneficial to our health and wellbeing. In the grayness of winter, we crave the energy and stimulation of the sun. Color is light and light is energy. Seeking color to compensate is an antidote until the sun returns. We are especially attracted to red during the holidays. It is our human color. Our body produces 2 million red blood cells every second. Red has a powerful effect on our brain. Research has shown red makes us feel stronger, alert and competitive. Red makes us feel more attractive. The perception of green resides in the center of the human wavelength spectrum which provides our keenest insight to color definition. This helps keep us calm and balanced. Green helps relax our retinas and calm our nerves. The color of gold, with its association to grandeur and extravagance is attractive especially with the glitter and sparkle, which intrigues the eye to movement.

Grab on to this powerful antidote. Hang up those red balls on the greens, light the gold Menorah candles and decorate items colorfully for Kwanzaa with the joy of color and light. Be aware of the side effects as they can lead to outrageous celebrations with kissing, laughing, singing and dancing. Happy holidays

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